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April 24, 2014 submitting ... Clive Bundy was "bushwacked" by a The big apple Times reporter because they set him up in an interview and took his comments outside of context calling him a racist ... what he was indicating And that i clearly realize him in his speech (which they edited of course) was that blacks Within this nation have already been forced right into a even worse than slavery situation by the federal govt by insufficient opportunity as well as welfare process ... straightforward ... but no one during the Big apple jewish controlled banking Neighborhood as well as their Big apple times pawn reporter have an interest in the truth ... They may be only thinking about twisting the truth just as they do with my science ... and everything else they contact in this nation ... do not forget the minor fact that it absolutely was the jewish owned and operated west indies company that introduced the slaves from africa (trapping them and transporting them like animals) just a little piece of record they forgot to say inside your grade school historical past guides let alone the theft of all of the gold within the "americas" that is still The idea for that world broad rothschild banking empire that runs our quite own Non-public bank federal reserve (yes it's very little to accomplish with federal everything) .

September 28, 2012 publishing ... Unique submitting about freshly found out comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) ... THIS Will probably be A REALLY Intriguing COMET !!! usually there are some genuinely intriguing alignments such as a fresh collision Together with the planet Mars ... this could certainly induce some sizeable climate consequences on mars which could incorporate electrical discharges amongst the comet and mars .

February 10, 2014 submitting ... my weekly radio clearly show this coming thursday i will be concentrating on tracking the radiation from Fukushima in to the United states of america and Canada and telling you how to manage it ... fundamentally You should Go ahead and take RADIATION OUT Ahead of IT ENTERS YOUR GRAVITY FEED Drinking water FILTER ... i also will clarify why inline drinking water filtration can not be employed for radiation ... To put it simply the ionized radiation loosely attaches to dust or other particles that get trapped in a very filter (it is not a solid chemical bond but an incredibly weak ion bond) so with high force in line (below sink) h2o filters the radiation will simply break free and movement with the filter features into your drinking water supply ... my minimal stress gravity feed Pre-Filter is the one technique designed to remove radiation .

November 15, 2012 putting up ... in the event you missed tonight's Reside display be part of me within the archive sub-page ... as i keep on and Establish within the views of past months ... i go over a possible modern day "Passover" ... previous week i mentioned the physics on the "Crimson Hand of Loss of life" spoken of while in the bible ... when you missed this show be sure you pay attention to the archive to the archive sub-webpage ... and plenty of prior reveals also that build up the series of knowledge on impending comet C/2012/S1 which would be the exact comet that appeared as the great comet of 1680 and is starting to become a brand new member of our solar method ... NASA and the astronomy boys try their most difficult to disregard the unavoidable present this comet is going to placed on .

February seventeen, 2012 posting ... my weekly radio display archive is currently posted ... if  you skipped the Dwell airing check out the archive sub-web site and hear as i speak about PLANET X OBJECTS IN OTHER STAR SYSTEMS ... Exactly what does this have to do with you ??? you may discover there are MANY of these planet x objects associated with ALLLLLL stellar planetary methods and that they're important to the workings and development of your planetary programs and daily life evolution over the planets that can aid lifestyle ... It is just a cruel universe but these frequent World x encounters with the existing planets are necessary for the proper progress of considerable State-of-the-art lifestyle which regular science wishes so desperately to deny .

April 29, 2014 posting ... clive bundy has been labeled a racist for telling the reality that the majority of blacks On this nation are even worse off underneath the welfare technique than they were being as slaves (we ain't speaking about NBA stars) ... for that he's labeled a racist ... for more than a week including the prime time weekend news plans that may be ALL THEY TALKED ABOUT ... Obviously the individuals that Handle the The big apple smooze nooze are incredibly worried about what occurred when the general public took up arms browse this site to fend off an uncontrolled federal government agency land grabbing for that greedy senators as well as their crony small business partners ... as other states like oklahoma and through the entire south responded sending a transparent concept to washington to help keep out ... The present wave right after wave of horrific tornados focusing on innocent populations is obvious weather manipulation complete with 6 (Certainly 6) earth  quakes in oklahoma just in the last day .

January fourteen, 2013 posting ... For lots of months i have predicted earth reaction to the alignment of earth as well as the "new moon passing" that happened yesterday at the side of comet C/2012/s1 ... i would like to quotation headlines that just strike the Global push ... the first ... 

March 21, 2014 submitting ... my radio display from last night time has become posted over the archive sub- site ... the main science subject promotions with safe computing And the way you are bought down the river towards the NSA to allow backdoors into your lifetime by non-public organizations .

November 12, 2015 submitting ... NASA worry porn has raged above earlier days in the general public presses ... predictions of the alleged two hundred many years of earth magnetic area reversal (actually we often have magnetic reversals as a result of solar wind magnetic fields reversing our plasma magnetic subject) ... alleged Mars losing its atmosphere (in the MAVEN mission) when mars is in fact Getting the ambiance They are really proclaiming is being lost (a complete misinterpretation of the information) ... alleged photo voltaic flaring that might acquire down our electricity grid having a panic porn movie mock up (the Sunshine hasn't been in recorded heritage at a lessen Strength condition than before eleven many years .

September twenty, 2013 ... my weekly radio display is now posted to the archive sub-web page ... this 7 days i discuss the incredible number of misinformation emanating sort a very well orchestrated disinfo software with NASA and various Imagine tank and gov alphabet soup businesses ... the subject areas contain comet ISON plus the planned approaching NERC Worldwide electric power outage physical exercise on November 13th and 14th ... There's a very clear and very orchestrated mis-use of my identify and work on dozens of youtube movies and Websites and by planted World-wide-web nut situations .

September 26, 2014 publishing ... the weekly radio show is now posted on the archive Website ... i stand in awe at the absolute ignorance of the overall US inhabitants ... WOW ... only a few people have even the faintest clue of what's really happening during the world ... supposedly "educated" men and women living in a complete fog .

July 08, 2016 putting up ... humorous ... 37 many years just after i said in released paper that saturn was linked to the sun electrically (as are every one of the planets  like earth) ... NASA's Cassini mission identified and verified my theoretical do the job ... Yet again ... naturally they may have their tier two baloney rationalization of "magnetic flux ropes and magnetic reconnection" like magnetic fields just existed and happened all by themselves ... interesting also that equally as i commence concentrating on this on my weekly display NASA releases information taken some time back ... HMMMM .

December 06, 2012 submitting ... my weekly radio exhibit is now posted around the archive subpage ... this week i take a look at NASA's David Morrison who has actually been showcased a short while ago inside the news stating the 2012 stop with the world World X people are producing youth to become suicidal (Morrison is definitely the NASA scientist that i debated within the Coast to Coast AM radio plan with host George Noory several many years ago and i received the call in vote as I had been defending the ideas of Venus being a sizable comet) ... now Dr Morrison is becoming featured in what's Obviously a misinformation Canine and pony clearly show ... i examine this whole Puppy and pony demonstrate on my weekly radio show ... this details facade i expected For many years ... Specially the promises which Seasons 1-2 The End Of The Fucking World dvd the propped up phony planet X december 21, 2012 BS represent the issue of planet X which it does NOT !

The myth of ´┐Żeconomic cycles´┐Ż is central for the extraction of wealth from a Doing the job populous.   Economic Collapses are managed planned gatherings to periodically rob the populous in their a long time of hard labor.  Numerology, Cult Worship, Astrology as well as other historic rituals are used to plan dates for these social engineering functions.  Slavery requires several kinds.   The controllers are exceptionally paranoid due to the fact their electric power rests on a really frail deck The End Of The Fucking World dvd release of stacked playing cards.   Keeping the man guiding the curtain from the general public calls for frequent vigilance.  Enter the crazy world we are now living in right now.   Understand that The traditional texts specifically outlaw each of the steps of SCEPTER, nevertheless via Command of information the folks have dropped touch in their genuine record and so heritage repeats alone.

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